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Well, it’s that time of year again–the time when families get together and celebrate the holiday season. There will be family, there will be fun and, of course, there will be food.

Although most people look forward to this wonderful time of year (myself included), there are many of us who enter into the Holiday Season with a bit of dread. The reason for this dread; the almost inevitable weight gain that abundant holiday feasting can bring.

From Thanksgiving with its smorgasbord of delicious but high fat foods, all the way through the office parties, family get togethers, Hanukkah Celebrations and Christmas dinners, there are many occasions to celebrate and to enjoy delectable meals. If you’re not careful that means plenty of occasions to overeat and pack on extra holiday pounds.

If you’re prone to weight gain (and most of us are after a certain age) you will need to be extra diligent during the upcoming weeks.

Yes, it will be difficult. Even under normal circumstances tasty food is hard to resist, but during the holiday season, a wide array of rich entrees and homemade sugary treats make it almost impossible.

You can maintain your weight

But don’t fear…you can make it through the season without losing your mind or expanding your waist. There are plenty of things that you can do to minimize the damage to your waistline and get through the next few weeks without gaining those dreaded pounds. With that in mind, let’s look at a few holiday diet tips and tricks that will put you on right path to fend off a post-holiday food hangover.

One of the best holiday diet tips (and one of the hardest to manage) is just to say ‘no thank you’. Let’s be honest. If you want to make it through the season without gaining a lot of extra pounds you’re going to have to take charge of your own diet. Nobody is forcing you to eat. (OK, maybe you’ve got a lovable, but guilt inspiring Aunt, Mom or Grandma, who made their special pecan pie just for you, but even so, you’re still in control!)

Moderation is key

You can eat and enjoy all your favorite foods if you do it right. Smaller portions, no second helpings and staying away from the fattiest of the foods like sauces and gravies can be done. Moderation can save you hours of extra time spent in the gym or on the treadmill.

Remember that the ‘holidays’ are actually just 3 or 4 days for most of us, not the entire season. If you make a point to eat larger meals on these 3 or 4 days and take it easy the rest of the time, you should be fine. Yes, holiday parties will be tempting, but if you have an excuse ready like “I’m saving room for Christmas dinner’ or something to that effect, nobody should be offended. (If they do just blow it off. Your health is important.)

If you’re invited to a ‘pot-luck’ holiday party, consider bringing a healthy dish. That way, if you find that there’s nothing else there that is ‘good for you’, you can always eat what you brought. Who knows…there may be others at the party who are grateful you brought something healthy and low-fat too!

Consider eating a small healthy snack before making your way to a holiday party. That way you won’t be famished and tempted to eat anything in sight. Once you arrive, make a bee-line for the healthier choices like fruit, nuts, veggies and lean meats. Try to stay away from the fattier foods like dips, deep-fried foods, and of course, sweets. Certainly you can try one to two of the holiday indulgences, but healthy stuff is yummy too and won’t add to your waistline!

Here are more simple holiday diet tips to help you navigate the seasonal food minefield:

  •  Drink a LOT of water everywhere you go, before during and after your meals.
  •  Don’t gorge yourself one day and then starve yourself the next. Eat normally like you do every day.
  •  Use allergies as an excuse not to eat something. It works like a charm.
  •  Stick with whatever workout regimen you have, or start one now.
  •  Get a chiropractic adjustment from our Garland Chiropractors during the holiday season to make sure your spine and nervous system are functioning perfectly and to even out your stress levels.

Most of all – enjoy the holidays and the family togetherness it brings. It’s a wonderful time of year full of joy and happiness. Take it easy on the holiday food and you’ll make it to January ready to start the new year without having to figure out how to lose all those pounds you gained from a month of overeating.

Happy Holidays!

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