How You Can Achieve Superior Health With Whole Food Supplements

Although much of the world is trying to transition to cleaner energies and sustainable “green” living, we still live in a highly toxic environment. Every day our bodies must deal with numerous, hazardous substances and materials. Many of these chemicals, like auto exhaust, chemical fertilizers, and herbicides, are almost impossible to avoid. Recent scientific tests have even turned up surprising contaminants in our public water supply. Despite advanced filtration systems and rigorous efforts by local municipalities, pharmaceutical drugs – antibiotics, antidepressants, and hormone boosters – still make their way into our drinking water.

In addition to our exposure to environmental toxins, we are also coping with changes in our food supply. The nutritional value of fruits and vegetables have decreased because so many are grown in soils depleted of vital trace minerals. Additionally, much of our food supply is imported or trucked across country. Long transport times can further reduce vitamin levels.

Technology has also impacted on our diet. Today the only way to ensure that we are not buying and eating genetically modified crops is to buy organically grown produce. Naturally, trying to eat a totally organic diet can pose a challenge. Availability aside, in many cases a 100% organic diet is cost prohibitive for the average American family.

These radical changes to our diet and environment, make it apparent why most Americans benefit from the addition of high quality whole food supplements.

Although the need for vitamin supplements is recognized, in many cases people buy vitamins based the ads they see or the cheapest price. However, many of the supplements promoted on TV or sold in grocery stores or pharmacies, are synthetically produced. Many studies document the fact that our bodies don’t absorb or utilize synthetic vitamins as well as those that occur naturally in food.

The whole food solution

Whole food supplements provide an ideal solution to the problem of nutrient deficient fruits and vegetables, processed foods and synthetic vitamins.

Photo of Standard Process Farm choose to offer whole food supplements by Standard Process. Standard Process Quality is a company committed to producing the finest nutritional supplements. Every step of their manufacturing process, from harvesting the organic crops on their local farm, to the scientifically controlled manufacturing process, is designed to produce whole food supplement that retain their nutritional value and integrity.

Standard Process knows you can’t rush quality. Their strict manufacturing process – from start to finish – takes an average of six weeks. They strictly adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), created by the FDA specifically for the dietary supplement industry.The end result is a family of whole food products that nurture our bodies – safely and naturally.

At Texas Spine & Wellness, we carry whole food supplements that can support our heart health, nourish our joints and bones and help our bodies cope with daily stress.

Because we carry many exceptional products that are only sold through health care professionals, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality nutritional supplements available. If you’d like to learn how your health could improve with the addition of whole food supplements, give us a call to schedule your personal nutritional assessment.

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