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Garland Chiropractic Office Offers Natural Treatment for Depression

Have you ever awakened in the morning after a full night of sleep and found yourself sluggish, tired and dreading the new day? Are you listless and disinterested in hobbies or activities that you normally find enjoyable? If so, you might one of the millions of people who are suffering from depression.

image of a person who needs natural treatment for depression
Getting treatment for depression can be difficult. First you must talk to your doctor about a topic most of us prefer to avoid. Secondly you must decide if you wish to take a drug to deal with your symptoms, because the traditional way of dealing with depression is to use drugs and occasionally therapy sessions.

In many cases this is only a short term patch rather than a full blown cure.

Chiropractic care offers a hands-on approach to treating depression

Interestingly, many studies over the years have drawn a direct correlation between lack of physical human contact and depression. Basically, this means people who don’t get enough physical contact with other people, have a higher likelihood of being depressed.

We’re talking about simple human touch such as holding hands, getting hugs, and even a kind pat on the back. Sadly, many people go for years without even these comforting forms of human touch and this can be a major factor in depression-like symptoms.

This is one reason chiropractic treatment is so powerful. Chiropractors have long been as ‘doctors with a healing touch’. Chiropractic is known as ‘physical medicine’ because most chiropractors use their hands to gently adjust the spine and joints into their proper position.

It’s truly a ‘hands-on’ approach to healing. Those patients who suffer from a lack of human touch will benefit both from our Garland chiropractic treatment and the positive physical contact.

There is also a correlation between misalignment of the bones in the neck and depression. When the cervical vertebrae of the neck are misaligned, they put tremendous pressure on the fragile nerves that exit the spine in this area. This can cause both physical and mental imbalances, including depression. Because of this, a thorough chiropractic exam is an excellent idea for anyone suffering from depression.

Massage offers a natural treatment for depression

We also offer massage therapy in our Garland chiropractic clinic, which is another excellent treatment for depression. In combination, chiropractic and massage can be very effective in helping a depressed person return to a happier state of mind – without harmful drug therapy.

Apart from the mental causes of depression and lack of human touch, there are some people who actually suffer depression due to chemical imbalances in their bodies and their brain. This can be caused by something as simple (and preventable) as a lack of certain minerals or vitamins. In our clinic, we offer nutritional counseling and professional grade quality supplements. 

Frankly, the exact cause of depression is not well known. Most scientists believe that it’s caused by a number of factors. The majority of these factors can readily be addressed by a Doctor of Chiropractic. The best part about treating depression with physical medicine is that the use of heavy, side-effect producing drugs are avoided.

Your choice of safe, natural treatment options

At our Garland Chiropractic Clinic we offer many safe, natural treatment options for depression.

If you or a family member is depressed and looking for a solution, why not try Chiropractic? It’s safe, effective and doesn’t rely on drugs as a cure. There is a good possibility that a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and natural supplements will help immensely.

For more information about our Garland Chiropractic office and our natural treatment for depression, please contact our staff at (972) 840-2520.

7 Warning Signs: Stress May Be Affecting Your Health

picture of a man exhibiting the warning signs of stress
Everyone knows stress is a part of life and that too much stress is bad for you. However most people have a poor understanding of the warnings signs of stress and how it affects health. To deal properly with stress you need to know what it is, how it is caused, and how many symptoms of stress mirror or mask other health issues.

What is stress?

Stress is often seen as a form of mental fatigue as in “I’m under a lot of stress right now.” The truth, however, is stress is the result of our bodies reacting to a real or perceived danger which triggers a fight or flight response. When confronted with a potential danger, our bodies automatically go into a flurry of activity in preparation for fighting or fleeing. Our heart rate increases along with our blood pressure and blood is directed away from digesting food. Less blood flows to our feet and hands (the most likely areas to be wounded) and our hearing and vision sharpen.

All of this happens so we are able to rapidly respond to a threat. This system works very well when the stress is something like a barking and potentially hostile dog or even when playing sports. However plenty of activities in modern life create prolonged periods of stress which can lead to all kinds of health problems.

Warning signs of stress

The warning signs of stress are often easy to miss because they mimic so many other health problems. So it is important for people to consider the stress in their lives when they have chronic problems which do not respond to treatment.

  1. Physical Pain: This usually manifests as headaches or muscle tension or pain. In this case stress acts much like stress does in an engineering sense. When muscles are kept at a state of heightened readiness, they tire quickly. Gripping the wheel of your car during a bad commute is a good example of this, as the tension causes you to grip the wheel far tighter than you normally would. Higher blood pressure and a change in blood flow translates into headaches and even chest pains as the heart works harder to keep the blood pumping. Sadly, pain is also one of the leading causes of stress.
  2. Fatigue: One of the ways the body reacts to danger/stress is to release adrenalin into the blood stream. Like getting hyped up on caffeine then crashing, the lack of the adrenaline can worsen the fatigue factor. Long periods of stress will tire the body out quicker and lead to sleeping problems due to the body being still at a higher level of alertness. This usually leads to a ‘crash-and-burn’ problem of insomnia followed by trouble waking up.
  3. Anxiety: Our mind responds poorly to long periods of stress since the source of stress is often hard to pin down such as in a bad commute. Without an obvious source, we quickly become anxious. This leads to lack of motivation, lack of focus and restlessness.
  4. Anger: When not anxious, people under stress are often irritable and quick to anger. This can either be in angry outbursts or the slow burn where small things can set off a violent reaction.
  5. Depression: As with anxiety, the lack of a clear target of our stress can lead to feelings of helplessness, sadness, and depression. By being unable to avoid stress, one feels powerless which can feed depressive states.
  6. Substance Abuse: While we may not consciously realize we’re stressed, often people will take actions to try to make themselves feel better. This can lead to overuse of tobacco, alcohol and food as well as abuse of over-the-counter medications. Feelings of anxiety or depression can lead to drug use as a form of escapism. Heavy alcohol use can rapidly cause feelings of anger to spiral out of control.
  7. Withdrawal: Being unable to deal with stress can cause people to try to avoid it by avoiding people. This can cause them to turn away from friends and family. This often makes the problem worse due to avoiding many activities like sex which are very positive in nature.

What can you do?

At Texas Spine & Wellness, our Garland chiropractors understand the warning signs of stress and how it affects health. We can also help you manage one of the leading causes of stress: chronic pain. Whether from an old injury or poor posture while putting in long hours in front of a computer, untreated pain can create stress.

We offer several ways to treat stress and chronic pain. Many people find our pharmaceutical grade CBD oil very useful in combating chronic pain along with the anxiety and tension that often accompany it.

For the physical symptoms of stress and chronic pain, our chiropractic treatments, physical rehab, massage therapy and spinal decompression can help you feel better fast.

So, if you feel chronic pain is keeping you in a state of constant stress, contact our Garland chiropractors today to schedule a visit. We can help you regain control of your life.

5 Ways to Avoid Injury and Pain from Poor Posture

image of woman with pain from poor posture
Anyone who spends much time behind a desk, needs to consider how their posture may be affecting their back health. People who sit for long periods of time are at greater risk of pain from poor posture and a back injury.

Now, many companies are beginning to recognize spinal health as a new area of safety management. This not only shows concern for employee’s welfare, an ergonomically designed work space can be a cost saving measure as well. In many cases, the employer will reap immediate rewards by employees taking fewer sick days and incurring less work related injuries.

Making your work environment safer

If you’d like to make your own workstation better for your back health, follow the tips offered by Garland chiropractor, Dr. James Mixon:

  • Avoid slumping or slouching forward in your office chair – This type of posture can add stress to the discs in the spine and may create problems over time. As you grow tired, the natural tendency is to slouch. The best way to avoid this is to adjust the lumbar support on the back of your chair, so that your lower back is arched forward slightly and your rear touches the back of the chair.
  • Adjust the armrest – If your office chair has an armrest, use it. To help take strain off of your shoulders and neck, raise the armrest so that it barely lifts your arms at the shoulder.
  • Adjust your computer monitor – Your computer monitor should be positioned so that your gaze rests comfortably on the middle of the monitor. If you find that you must look up or down at the screen, it should be adjusted to prevent neck strain.
  • Let your feet touch the floor – Adjust your chair so that you feet touch the floor and your thighs are positioned at a 45 degree angle (or slightly lower) to your hips.
  • Get up and stretch – Even if you have a comfortable, ergonomically designed work station, you should not remain seated in one position for a long period of time. As a rule of thumb, try to get up every 30 minutes. Stretch for a minute or so, take a a restroom break or a walk to the water cooler. Even a small amount of movement will in increase blood flow and help you avoid muscle strain.

If, after a long day at the office you find yourself trying to work out stiff, achy muscles or a throbbing backache, consider this… Pain from poor posture is a warning indicator. It’s your body’s way of alerting you to a situation that should be addressed.

Over-the counter medications camouflage the problem

Many people camouflage the body’s symptoms by taking OTC pain relievers or by using over the counter analgesic creams or patches. Others look for relief through exercise or massage. However, if the underlying spinal joints are not working properly, it can be like driving a truck with misaligned wheels.

It is important to get to the root cause of neck and back pain. In many cases this can be as simple as realigning the spinal vertebrae. This is where chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective. Chiropractic adjustments can help improve spinal functions. This natural treatment option is safe and gentle and is used by millions of people each year.

Safe treatment for pain from poor posture

Even with the best prevention, there are times when many of us will find ourselves experiencing neck, shoulder, knee or back pain and in need of a Garland chiropractor. So if you find yourself in this position, don’t just mask the symptoms. Instead, consult a local chiropractor. Garland residents can turn to the team at Texas Spine & Wellness.

Each day, Garland chiropractor, Dr. Mixon, along with his staff members, help people get swift relief from pain from poor posture, neck pain, back pain, and joint paint, as well as headaches and migraines.

The advanced therapies offered through Texas Spine & Wellness ensure that you’ll also have access to specialized treatments such as spinal decompression therapy, laser therapy and therapeutic massage.

Contact us today to schedule a treatment with Dr. Mixon.