Many people who have severe pain from a herniated or bulging disc and are considering back surgery may be surprised to learn there is a non-invasive therapy that is surprisingly effective at treating their condition. The treatment is readily available in most parts of the country and is usually very affordable. In this article we’ll discuss what the treatment is, how it works and where you can find it.

But first, we’d think it would be helpful to explain what causes a herniated or ruptured disc, and the consequences of this painful injury.

The disc is a strong, elastic cushion that sits between each spinal vertebra, much like a shock absorber. It allows the vertebra to move freely up and down and side-to-side. When the the discs are healthy, they help to separate the vertebra, keeping the spinal nerves happy.

When they are not healthy, they can shrink, bulge and herniate, causing tremendous pressure on the spinal nerves and with that pressure comes incredibly intense pain. There have been patients who have been unable to walk because of a problem with a single disc in their low back. Similarly, disc problems in the neck can cause terrible headaches, pain and total numbness in the arms and hands.

As the most important structural part of the spine, the discs are also the most prone to injury.

Luckily, like the rest of the human body, the discs do have the ability to heal and regenerate. If given the proper conditions and a little tender loving care they can, just like the skin, heart or any other body part, heal and get better. In the case of the disc, however, there is only one thing standing between intense pain and proper healing—and that is gravity.

Which brings us to Spinal Decompression Therapy, a remarkable non-surgical treatment for herniated disc pain and sciatica.

Spinal decompression is a therapy specifically made for the intervertebral discs. With proper application and a little bit of patience, this therapy can help the discs heal and regenerate. Dr. James Mixon, a chiropractor in Garland, TX, sums it up this way, “I’ve used spinal decompression for years and I can tell you that I have seen many, many ‘miracles’ using this incredible therapy. I have seen excruciating low back pain from a herniated disc subside completely and headaches from a cervical disc bulge that went away after years of suffering. In my 10 years of experience, I can recount dozens of cases similar to these.”

Spinal decompression was first discovered when astronauts returned from long space flights, only to find that they were actually taller than before they left earth. Why? In the weightless environment of space, their discs had expanded and grown. When there is no gravity there is no force upon the disc. This freedom from pressure allows the disc heal and grow.

For researchers, this introduced a vital question; Was there a way to recreate this phenomenon here on earth, where gravity is a constant force on both the spine and discs every minute of every day?

The answer arrived in the form of an invention called spinal decompression. A computerized machine was developed that is now used to perform a treatment that creates a vacuum between the vertebrae. By taking the pressure of gravity off the discs, they can heal exactly as they might in the zero gravity conditions of outer space. Once the discs heal, the pressure on the spinal nerves is relieved and your neck pain or low back pain has an opportunity to be healed naturally.

This treatment is explained in more technical terms here, but simply stated spinal decompression is truly one of the best therapies for disc problems ever invented. It is safe, gentle and most patients find it very relaxing.

We offer this advanced therapy at our Garland Chiropractic Clinic.

Before considering surgery, why not explore this exciting option? Statistically speaking, a very high percent of all spinal decompression therapy patients have positive outcomes. Some doctors report that as many as 80% of their patients see improvement in their condition. Compare that to less than 50% of patients who have positive outcomes following surgery.

If you have sciatica, or back pain that stems from a disc injury, we hope you’ll consider Spinal Decompression therapy. If you’re ready to give it a try, please watch the video below to get details about our special discount offer of 3 sessions for only $99.00.

If you’d like even more information before making your decision, visit the American Spinal Decompression Association website by following this link.