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Safe and Effective Treatment for Sports Injuries

As a Chiropractor I see many different types of injuries in my practice. Auto accidents are one of the biggest causes of a trip to my office but not far behind would have to be sports related injuries. People love playing sports of all kinds and frankly I encourage it but it definitely can take its toll on the human body and cause a lot of soreness, discomfort and pain.

Image of a men playing golf
Today we’re going to take a look at the most common sports injuries we treat in our Garland chiropractic and rehab clinic.  We’ll address what can be done to take care of them, and ways to return the athlete to the field, court or gym as quickly as possible. You can use this as a sort of guide but please, if you have questions or are suffering from the results of a sports injury please don’t hesitate to give us a call and come in as soon as you can to our office for an adjustment and some therapy.

Warm up to avoid injury

Before we go on let me just say the most important thing that you can do to avoid sports injuries; warm up and stretch before exercising. If there’s one mistake that many people make it’s that they don’t warm up and stretch before starting any exercise or game. Warming up before playing, even for 10 minutes, is the best preventative measure that you can take to avoid injury. Now on to a few of the frequent conditions I see.

Muscle pulls are one of the most common types of injuries to athletes and can occur in just about any muscle of the body (and there are over 600 of them). Overuse, fatigue, over-exercising and falls, can cause muscle pulls. A muscle pull occurs when a muscle is stretched beyond its normal capacity and some (but not all) of the fibers tear. If you have a muscle pull, massage and laser therapy can help relieve the pain and swelling as well as chiropractic adjustments to help the nervous system.

Neck pain is a common sports related injury and can be caused by a variety of things including; being hit on the football field, turning frequently and rapidly to look around while playing and overuse of the neck muscles. Chiropractors are specialists when it comes to neck pain and a Chiropractic adjustment (or a series of them) is usually a great remedy for neck pain. Spinal decompression is a great treatment if there is an underlying problem with the discs of the cervical spine.

Many athletes suffer from occasional low back pain and strain and for some people this type of pain can become chronic. Many different types of sports can cause low back sprains, from martial arts to squash to running and lifting weights. Sudden overloading or overstraining of the low back muscles can cause low back pain as well as spinal misalignments and disc problems.

The best remedy for acute low back pain is usually a day or 2 of rest, chiropractic adjustments and ice packs to bring down inflammation and swelling. In the case of a bulging or herniated disc the athlete would be best helped by spinal decompression therapy, a newer treatment that targets the the discs and has a very high success rate.. If you’re a golfer or tennis player disc problems can be a fact of life and need to be taken seriously to prevent further damage to the discs and the delicate spinal nerves.

Shoulder problems and pain are a constant reminder that the shoulder is a very unique combination of bones, ligaments and muscles that can easily become misaligned when under stress. The ‘rotator cuff muscles’ as they’re known as a group are the supraspinatus, subscapularis, infraspinatus, and teres minor muscles. When they’re working perfectly together they allow a quarterback to throw a football with pinpoint accuracy, a tennis player to serve aces all day long and a baseball pitcher to throw strike after strike.

Rehab helps tired and overused muscles and joints

The dilemma is that, with overuse, like you find when playing many sports, the muscles can be overstretched, causing pain in the shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists. This can cause the tendons of the shoulder to become inflamed and painful every time a movement is made. Our physical rehabilitation clinic is particularly effective at treating these kinds of problems. We also offer a series of non-steroidal injections that can help bring down the pain and swelling fast.

Tennis elbow and golf elbow are a common problem among not just tennis and golf players, but among anyone who enjoys a sport that involves the use of the elbow. This includes sports like martial arts, boxing and weightlifting. With this common problem the arm muscles and ligaments that attach to the elbow become inflamed and painful from overuse. These problems can become chronic if not taken care of within the first few days of the occurrence. Laser therapy, adjustments and time are best to help this overuse injury.

No matter the injury, no matter your sport, maintaining your spine and receiving proper care for sports injuries is a vitally important part of your sports and health routine. The fact is that, whatever sport you enjoy, if your spine is properly aligned and your nervous system is working well, you’ll be better able to perform. You’ll have more energy, react sooner and heal faster. If you love your sport, we’ll help you play it better.

If you’d like to learn more ways our Garland chiropractic and rehabilitation clinic can help you perform your best, give us a call. As a fully integrated rehabilitation facility, we offer the services of a M.D., chiropractor, nurse practitioner, rehab therapy tech, and massage therapist. We can also help with sports nutrition!

The 3 Best Ways to Treat Joint Pain | Texas Spine & Wellness

Who  hasn’t sprained an ankle, found it a little difficult to reach overhead or throw a ball,  or awakened with a few stiff joints now and then? If you’re like most of us over the age of 30, you’ve probably experienced a few aches and pains.

In this article, well talk about the causes of joint pain, and even more important, well discuss ways to overcome it.

What is joint pain?

picture of Lisa & rehab equipment

Lisa, exercise physiologist at Texas Spine & Wellness

Joint pain can be caused by an injury or a disease which damages the joint. A person’s joints connect their bones and help provide mobility and support for walking, running and other movements. Unfortunately, joints are quite susceptible to damage from accidents or diseases which may affect the bone.

The most common types of joint pain are caused by sprains, arthritis, gout, and injuries to the joint or bone. You may feel the pain in almost any part of the body, including ankles, wrists, elbows, knees and shoulders. Although anyone can experience joint pain, it is more common in the elderly and those with disabilities or chronic injuries.

What causes joint pain?

Frequently, sprains, strains, and fractures can lead to joint pain— sometimes even chronic joint pain—in individuals of any age. These injuries can be caused by car accidents, sports injuries, or simply from too much wear and tear on the joints.

Another common way to injure the joints, especially the knee joints, is by exercising improperly. Osteoarthritis is also a frequent trigger.

Once the joint is injured, it tends to become inflamed. At this point it is important to get the right treatment, otherwise minor pain can become chronic pain. Chronic joint pain is more persistent and difficult to treat than regular joint pain.

What is the best joint pain treatment?

There are several ways to treat joint pain.

1)  Medication – This is the solution most people turn to initially. For minor joint pain without swelling, many people use acetaminophen type over the counter drugs, such as Tylenol. However, the FDA just issued another warning about acetaminophen. In addition to its liver risks, an new risk for serious skin conditions has come to light.

Moderate joint pain is often treated with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin.  For many people these drugs will provide substantial relief from inflammation and pain. However, just as with Tylenol, there are many possible side effects. Both drugs increase your risk of stomach bleeding. People who take ibuprofen also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke.

The possible severe side effects is one of the reasons we prefer natural supplements for pain relief. One that we offer in our office and through our nutrition website is Inflavonoid.This natural pain reliever combines a number of supplements known for the anti-inflammatory effect, such as turmeric and ginger. It’s proven to be quite effective for many patients and it has numerous additional health benefits.

Another natural option is collagen hydrolysate, a natural form of collagen that provide support for the body’s connective tissues and cellular functions. Containing over 90% protein, just two tablespoons a day help promote rapid cell growth and production of the synovial fluids that lubricate the joints.

2) Manual Therapy – Joint pain caused by arthritis or an injury, will often improve with manual treatments like chiropractic care and physical therapy.  While medications only mask the pain of joint inflammation, our Garland chiropractor will treat the underlying cause of joint pain by improving the health of the joints, reducing inflammation and helping the body regain more range of motion.

Our clinic also has a complete Level 3 Rehab Center. Our experienced physical therapist assistant is trained to work with these types of joint injuries. She will work with you one on one to assist you in rehabilitation exercises.

In addition, we also offer therapeutic massage. Our massage therapists can a combination of trigger point therapy, PNF stretching and deep tissue massage as recommended by our doctors.

3) Advanced Joint Injections – When manual therapy alone won’t work, hyaluronic acid joint injections are also possible. Hyaluronic acid can help cushion the joints in patients with painful osteoarthritis. These simple injections are administered by our highly trained Nurse Practitioner. The procedure is completed within minutes and there’s no down time! Simply call us to schedule an appointment.

Looking for a pain relief?

If you’re looking for joint pain relief, our Garland chiropractic clinic may be the solution. Our experienced team of health professionals, which includes an M.D., a chiropractor and an exercise physiologist is ready to help. Our team is well qualified to treat your joint pain the natural way.