Custom Foot Orthotics – Affordable Treatment for Chronic Foot Pain

If you suffer from chronic foot pain, you know firsthand that what starts in your feet can quickly spread to other parts of the body. It doesn’t take long for aching feet to result in painful knees or a stiff back.

relief from painful shoes

Luckily, there are affordable and effective solutions that can get to the cause of the problem and provide you with long-lasting, full-body pain relief. Our Foot Levelers Custom foot orthotics are designed for a precise fit that will help get your body back into proper balance and alignment.

What conditions commonly cause foot and joint pain?

Plantar Fasciitis — this painful heel condition occurs when the ligament that runs between the heel and toes becomes strained and inflamed. This is the same ligament that supports your arch. The resulting heel and foot pain makes it difficult to walk, which in turn affects the natural gait, and throws the body out of alignment.

Custom orthotics can provide arch support that will protect the tissue from further damage and allow your feet to heal.

Hammertoe — this toe problem is caused by an imbalance between the muscles and tendons in your foot, which then leads to a permanent bend in the joints of your toes. If left untreated, it becomes increasingly painful, making it difficult to walk.

In most cases, hammertoes develop because of poor fitting shoes. If you’re fond of wearing high heeled shoes it’s important to be aware that high heels put an incredible amount of pressure on the toes. Likewise, frequently wearing shoes that are too tight or too short also increases your likelihood of developing a hammertoe.

While there are surgical solutions, invasive procedures are not the only option. Custom foot orthotics can also provide hammertoe relief by reducing pressure on the joints and adding support to the appropriate areas. A combination of orthotics and properly fitted shoes may keep any imbalances from worsening.

Heel spurs — this condition is a overgrowth of bone on the bottom of the foot. Sometimes your body will produce extra bone in response to stretching of the plantar fasciitis, or repetitive strain of the foot’s ligaments and muscles.

Runners and joggers are at higher risk for developing heel spurs. So are people with high arches or flat feet, along with diabetics and those who are overweight.

Improper arch support, continuous damage to your foot’s connective tissues and prolonged periods of inflammation will only lead to more serious and painful conditions.

The right orthotics will relieve pressure on your heel spur and allow inflammation to subside so that your feet can heal properly. Without this support, growth of the heel spur may continue, adding to foot, joint and back pain.

Flat feet — there are two forms of this very common foot condition. Flexible flatfoot describes a condition where the arch is only flattened when standing, but returns to a “normal” appearing arch when the foot is lifted off the ground.

Rigid flatfoot, is often a structural or bone alignment issue. Sometimes this is as a result of a congenital or structural condition, or sometimes as a result of a traumatic injury.

Typically, the arch helps with weight distribution, which decreases stress on other muscles and joints. People with flat feet don’t benefit from the cushioning action of the arch and may experience back, leg and foot pain.

Custom orthotics will replicate a natural arch. By reducing impact, orthotics can ease wear and tear on muscles and joints.

Foot problems can also be an underlying cause of back and joint pain. Often patients who suffer from back and joint pain don’t realize that undiagnosed foot problems may play a role.

Garland chiropractor, Dr. James Mixon, can identify common foot and gait problems and help you decide if a custom foot orthotic could help your foot, knee, back and hip pain.

Often covered by insurance

Many insurance companies recognize the benefit of affordable foot orthotics. In many cases, orthotics can help prevent expensive and invasive surgical options. Orthotics can be designed for both active and daily use and provide a simple solution that will help protect against future problems.

Working with a company like Foot Levelers is a simple, money saving solution for everyone involved.

Simple in-office ordering

The process of getting custom foot orthotics made is easy. We will create a impression of your foot by having you stand in a special casting material. It’s fast and creates no mess.

We will then send off this special cast to Foot Levelers, where your orthotic will be hand crafted. In about 3 weeks you’ll have insoles that has been specifically designed for your feet.

So, if foot or joint pain has been preventing you from enjoying your favorite activities, don’t settle for being sidelined. The solution to your persistent pain may be as simple as ordering Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

Schedule an appointment with our Garland chiropractor today and talk to Dr. Mixon about your options.