5 Behaviors That Put You at Risk for Forward Head Posture

example of forward head posture

Although you may be unfamiliar with the term, forward head posture affects many people. If fact, it’s likely you know someone with this condition, or you might even suffer from the problem yourself.

Many everyday behaviors can leave you at risk for developing forward head posture, including:

  • Sitting with shoulders slumped and your back hunched.
  • Carrying a heavy purse on one shoulder
  • Looking down while reading or texting
  • Bending your head forward to view a computer screen
  • Driving with your head several inches away from the head rest

There’s no doubt that technology has added to the increase in the number of people with forward head posture. Many of us spend much of our time working on a computer. Depending upon the position of the screen, computer users often bend their head forward to view the screen. Over time, this posture stretches ligaments and trains neck muscles to hold this forward position. This can lead to premature aging of the spine.

As a result of frequent text messaging, even very young patients are exhibiting some of these same symptoms.

Forward head posture (FHP), can lead to posture changes like rolled shoulders, a sunken chest, as well as changes in the position of the pelvis. It can also compress the discs in the spine. When the discs in the spine are compressed, the lubricating fluid that surrounds the discs is unable to penetrate the spinal column. Left untreated, forward head posture can lead to chronic muscle strain, pinched nerves, arthritis and even disc herniation.

Fortunately, Dr. Mixon is able to treat patients with FHP. During your office visit, the doctor will check for any areas in your spine that are out of alignment and then gently adjust the vertebrae to bring your spine back into the correct position.

Dr. Mixon might also recommend home therapy, which may include the use of a Cervical Posture Pump®. This simple device provides an simple way to ease neck stiffness and pain when at home. With continued use, the Cervical Posture Pump® will help reinforce the proper cervical curve.If you or a family member is troubled by neck pain, stiffness or tingling in your arms and hands, give us a call at 972-840-2520. We’re here to help.