Even if we’re doing everything within our power to stay healthy, over the years small problems can crop up. These troubles may appear as an ache or a pain, or as a troubling lab report or diagnosis.

Fortunately our team of medical professionals is here to help. Along with Dr. Mixon, our experienced garland chiropractor, we now have an MD, Dr. Mandy Thompson, a Nurse Practitioner and Exercise Physiologist on staff. Our team of experts can offer advice and targeted therapy for joint and spine conditions as well as an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Together our MD, Garland chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner, and Exercise Physiologist will help you regain strength and muscle control while increasing your range of motion and flexibility.

If you’d like to improve your overall health, our Science Based Nutrition package may be the answer.

Our nutrition programs are grounded in science and begin with an easy lab test. The test results will reveal a wide array of vital information, such as your glucose and cholesterol levels, as well as your kidney and liver functions. Along with these standards, we will also include tests that check your thyroid function and how efficiently you’re digesting food. We’ll even be able to tell you if you’re drinking enough water.

As thorough as these tests are, they are remarkably affordable. Once we’ve completed this accurate health assessment, we will then formulate a customized nutrition program.  All of our recommendations will be based upon your body’s specific requirements. This ensures that you won’t be taking too many vitamins or anything that you don’t need.

Additionally, you’ll be receiving the finest quality products — all of our supplements are pharmaceutical grade and are only available to qualified health practitioners.

Over time, we will recheck your blood work, providing concrete medical evidence of your improvements.

So  whether your problem is an aching back, a stiff shoulder, or high cholesterol, we can help you reach your health goals.   If you’re looking for a team of professionals who will take a personalized approach to your health and well-being, contact the staff at Texas Spine & Wellness.

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