When the average person thinks about visiting a chiropractor, they often think about one thing; back pain. Although chiropractic treatment is an excellent treatment for back pain, it offers many other advantages as well. Chiropractic’s amazing health benefits not only help your ‘back’ but can also help you live a longer, fuller life.

This is easy to understand if you know a little about how the body works.

Let’s begin with one basic tenet; the human body has the innate ability to heal itself. Therefore, if there’s no interference with its normal function, the human body can heal itself of problems, injuries and disease.

It’s this remarkable ability that has helped our species survive and adapt for more than 200,000 years.

This innate ability is also at the core of chiropractic treatment. When the body has no interference it can and will heal itself.

What do we mean by interference? In the chiropractic world, the major causes of interference are vertebral misalignments.

This is what happens when two (or more) of the spinal vertebrae are out of place. A misalignment causes pressure on the delicate spinal nerves that connect the brain to the body. This pressure, like a clog in a vacuum hose, prevents the brain’s critical messages from reaching the body. In turn, this can inhibit the body’s healing capacity.

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How misalignments of the spine affect the body

For example, spinal misalignments along various parts of the spine can negatively affect the heart, lungs and other vital organs. Correcting these problems will allow the flow of information to return, giving these organs what they need to operate correctly. So it’s possible to have heart or lung problems caused or affected by misalignments at the mid back (thoracic) level T3, 4 and 5.  Chiropractic treatment to these vertebrae may help related medical problems.

Such common misalignments are contributing factors for conditions that affect millions of people.

That’s because most of us, due to accidents, falls, improper posture, obesity, pregnancy and other causes, have spinal bones that are out of position. These out-of-position bones impede nerve conduction and energy flow.

Picture this… A crimp in a garden hose can keep a lawn from receiving life-giving water, causing a lush green lawn to wither and yellow. If the crimp isn’t removed, eventually the lawn will turn brown and die. Your body operates in much the same way. It needs an unimpeded flow of nerve information from the brain to stay healthy and well.

Garland chiropractor, Dr. James Mixon improves the function of the spine by gently adjusting the spinal bones and allowing them to return to their correct position. Once this occurs, the nerves can work at full capacity and your body can heal faster. This is also usually accompanied by dramatic pain relief.

Pain relief is what most people want when they visit a chiropractor, but the hidden benefit—that of improved communication between the nerves of the brain and the rest of the body—is equally important.

Safe and gentle health care that works

Does chiropractic work?

“Chiropractic is the largest, most regulated, and best recognized of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions”



Regular chiropractic treatment is one of the most important health care tools a person can use to improve quality of life and stay healthy. We believe that’s why every year more patients turn to chiropractic treatment.

“Chiropractic is the largest, most regulated, and best recognized of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professions. CAM patient surveys show that chiropractors are used more often than any other alternative provider group and patient satisfaction with chiropractic care is very high. There is steadily increasing patient use of chiropractic in the United States, which has tripled in the past two decades.”

– Meeker, Haldeman (2002), Annals of Internal Medicine

To sum up, by taking care of your spine, you can reduce pain, improve flexibility and range of motion.  More importantly you will keep the communication pathways between your brain and the nerves in your spinal healthier, helping your body to speed healing. Overall, you’re likely to experience fewer illnesses, less degeneration, and live a longer, more comfortable life.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Garland, contact Texas Spine & Wellness today. Dr. James Mixon and his team of health professionals will do their best to help you feel your best.