Garland Garland Chiropractors Deliver Effective Pain Relief with Laser Therapy

Garland Chiropractors Deliver Safe & Effective Pain Relief with Laser Therapy

Some folks, when asked about a chiropractor, hark back to the clichéd stereotype of a heavy-handed ‘bone cracker’. Contrary to this image, today’s chiropractors have a wide variety of gentle techniques to help in pain relief and pain management.

Adjustments of the spine and joints will alway remain at the heart of chiropractic treatment, as it is the correction of these spinal misalignments which reduces nerve interference and promotes healing. However our chiropractic clinic also includes the use of many other scientifically advanced technologies to help our patients feel better fast. 

Chiropractic laser therapy

For years, Chiropractors and other health care specialists have successfully used LLLT to speed healing and to ease pain.  Laser therapy is non-invasive procedure, which uses concentrated laser light to induce cellular action. It speeds healing and relaxes muscle tension in the affected area and reduces inflammation.

image of laser therapy being used for pain relief

At Texas Spine & Wellness, our Garland chiropractors use a 10-watt ‘hot’ laser which is considered by many to be superior to the lower powered lasers used in many doctor’s offices. The increased power of our laser also allows us to deliver targeted treatments in less time.

Low level laser therapy: a history

As with many medical procedures, the discovery of the benefits of LLLT came mostly by accident. In 1967 at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary, Endre Meste was experimenting using laser as a surgical instrument. These experiments were conducted on mice which were often shaved to allow easier attachment of sensors. Mester noticed how the hair on the  mice exposed to low laser experiments would regrow much quicker than the other mice. This discovery led him to experiment further on low level laser therapy.

LLLT: modern therapy

Today LLLT is one method used to help treat problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, neck pain, osteoarthritis as well as tendonitis. Used in conjunction with other treatments, LLLT is very successful in short-term pain management. It is also very popular because of the non-invasive nature of the therapy.

How laser therapy works

The current theory on the way laser therapy works is that concentrated stream of photons in the laser beam cause a metabolic change in the cells they pass through. Studies suggests the laser stimulates the mitochondria found in all cells to step up production of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP is considered by scientists as ‘the currency of energy’ which your body uses in most cellular functions. With more ATP available, damaged cells can heal quicker.

LLLT therapy has been used to:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain (especially joint pain)
  • Reduce inflammatory swelling
  • Reduce scar tissue growth
  • Stimulate nerve functions
  • Help lymphatic drainage to increase circulation which improves healing
  • Relaxes muscle tension which inhibits healing
  • Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissues

Targeted relief

One of the reasons Garland chiropractors use laser therapy for pain relief management is due to the ability to treat only the injured area. Anyone who has tried to put ice only where it hurts, knows how difficult this can be! The very nature of LLLT allows our staff to apply therapy to the affected areas only. Not only does this help heal the injured area but it does so without stressing the surrounding healthy tissue.

Unlike other pain relief procedures such as surgery, injections or even acupuncture, laser therapy is completely non-invasive. This means no break in the skin which could lead to complications like a secondary infection.

Quick and easy treatment

Not only is LLLT non-invasive, it is quick and affordable. A typical pain management session including chiropractic treatment and hot laser therapy usually takes only 45 minutes. Since the hand-held laser only needs exposure to the affected area, patients remained clothed, and only need to uncover the area that needs treatment. For most patients they may only have to roll up a sleeve or lift up their shirt to receive treatment.

While multiple sessions are required, the therapy is only part of the all natural pain relief program offered by Texas Spine & Wellness.

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No one should live with pain when there are quick, effective and affordable care available nearby,  so contact our Garland chiropractors today to find out if you could benefit from the one of our treatment options.

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