Enjoy the Healing Benefits of Massage Therapy in Garland, Tx

Massage therapy is one of the oldest healing arts in the world. Massage reduces pain, helps muscles heal, relieves stress and feels wonderful.

At Texas Spine & Wellness, massage therapy is an integral part of many of our treatment programs. Our massage therapists are specially trained to work with patients who’ve suffered a traumatic injury, as well as those people who just need a little extra help releasing muscle tension.

A perfect complement to Dr. Mixon’s chiropractic treatment, massage therapy can improve range of motion and flexibility.

Customized massage therapy in Garland

Not limited to the back, therapeutic massage can also help problems like joint problems s like shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain and hip pain .

Together, Dr Mixon and the therapist will work to develop a customized program to address your particular health concerns. Based upon your problem areas, the doctor will instruct the therapist to target specific muscles to help you obtain maximum relief.

Most of our patients experience dramatically less pain and have more flexibility following our massage therapy in Garland, TX.

The calming effects of a massage shouldn’t be overlooked either. A recent study showed that patients had lower blood pressure levels following massage therapy. Levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, were also reduced and patients reported feeling happier.

So if you’re ready to improve your health while giving your tired, achy muscles a rest, give our Garland chiropractor a call. We have extended hours and Saturday appointments too!

If it’s your first time to visit us for massage therapy in Garland, you can take advantage of our $44.95  1 hour Introductory Massage Special. Just print out the coupon below and present it when you arrive at our office.

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