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Have you ever found yourself wondering when you started to feel so run down and sluggish? Have you begun to really feel your age? Or perhaps you’re facing a more serious health crisis. If so, it may be time to take a different approach to your health.

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 If you are looking for Alternative Medicine in Dallas, TX, you can turn to the medical professionals at Texas Spine & Wellness with confidence. Our Science Based Nutrition™ Programs give patients a way to proactively move toward optimal health.

Step one

Beginning with a comprehensive blood test, our Science Based Nutrition™ trained health professionals will perform an in-depth analysis which shows how your body currently functions. Why do we begin our programs with blood work and not another type of testing such as Applied Kinesiology?

  1.  Blood testing is extremely accurate. Many problems appear in blood results long before you feel any symptoms.
  2. Blood testing is unbiased. With Applied Kinesiology, the tester may unintentionally influence test results leading to a skewed result.
  3.  Health improvements may be tracked with easy blood test rechecks.

Step two

After accurate blood chemistry results are obtained, Dr. Mixon will identify potential areas of concern. Following documentation of any problems or concerns, we will develop a nutrition program exclusively for you. Depending upon your health goals, your nutrition program may consist of nutritional products, along with diet and exercise recommendations.

As part of your Science Based Nutrition™ Program you will also receive a complete report explaining your blood test results and any current health trends we might see, along with our nutritional recommendations. With this easy-to-understand report you can track your future progress and improvements.

Our alternative medicine programs in Dallas TX are extremely safe and our many satisfied patients attest to the health benefits they’ve received.

We’ve worked with people on a variety of conditions including, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, cancer, thyroid conditions, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and more.

If you would like more information on ways we can help you with nutritional medicine, please contact us today.

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