Low back pain and sciatica is one of the most common causes of emergency room visits in America, and accounts for billions of dollars in lost work time and insurance claims. Normally the patient, once X-Rays are finished and more serious causes are ruled out, is sent home with pain relieving and muscle relaxing pills. They’re told to ‘take it easy’ for a few days, get some ‘rest’, stay off their feet, and so forth.

Often, the actual cause of this pain is left unexplained.

This fact leads to a disturbing phenomenon; the patient will almost inevitably have low back pain again. It’s not uncommon for the average low-back pain sufferer to visit the doctor once or twice a year after their initial office visit, and to keep going back for years, until the day when they’re told they must have surgery

However, with just a little bit of education and an advanced therapy that’s available at our Garland Chiropractic clinic, this revolving door back pain problem can be solved.

Here’s what important to know… The cause of the pain is usually due to a problem with one or more of the lumbar inter-vertebral discs, a part of the spine that’s extremely important and also extremely susceptible to stress and overuse.

Spinal decompression therapy – an effective treatment garland residents can count on

The treatment that has been responsible for halting the cycle of back pain for so many people is called spinal decompression therapy. Garland-Ft. Worth residents who have been lucky enough to make it to a chiropractor’s office will often discover the amazing benefits of this high-tech therapy.

The intervertebral discs are like shock-absorbers in the spine. They’re durable, flexible and, like a rubber gasket between two pieces of metal, protect the spine from traumatic movements that might otherwise hurt the vertebrae. When they’re healthy they also help to keep the vertebrae apart, giving the nerves that pass between them plenty of room and giving the spine an amazing amount of flexibility.

Problems arise because the discs are also susceptible to overuse and overstress and, as we get older, that susceptibility becomes worse. The discs then begin to shrink and break down, which causes pressure on the delicate nerves that pass the spinal canal on their way to the lower half of the body. Pressure on those nerves, as you might have guessed, causes lower back pain as well as a host of other symptoms and problems.

If the discs are ignored the problem will get worse, and unfortunately most traditional medical treatments for low back pain overlook the discs. There is absolutely no pill currently being made that can help heal an intervertebral disc, and so the problem worsens and the patient continues to suffer.

However just like any other part of the body, the discs can heal. Much like a torn muscle or a broken bone, if discs are given the right treatment, they have the innate ability to heal. That treatment, as mentioned above, is spinal decompression therapy. For a surprisingly high percent of Garland residents spinal decompression will not only take care of the pain, but correct the root cause of the problem as well.

How Spinal decompression therapy works is actually quite simple to understand. It stands to reason that if pressure on the discs causes them to break down, negative pressure will allow them to heal.

The facts about spinal decompression therapy were discovered when astronauts returned from long space trips. Since astronauts are studied completely from head to toe before and after a space flight, scientists noticed something very peculiar; they were coming back taller.

The reason was that the discs had expanded and healed during their time in space, when the normal compressive forces of gravity were absent. With the compression gone the discs had healed!

Some sharp people back here on earth decided to see if they could replicate the phenomenon and thus spinal decompression therapy was born. Now, we use a computerized machine that creates a similar type of decompression condition like that found in space. Under this condition the discs are encouraged to heal and the patient can get back to a normal life, free from low back pain.

So the next time you’re feeling the pinch, consider Spinal Decompression Therapy. Our Garland chiropractic clinic has helped thousands of patients overcome the pain from bulging or herniated discs. Contact Texas Spine & Wellness at (972) 840-2520 to schedule your consultation and appointment. Our affordable treatments will be great for your back health and your budget!

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