Massage Therapy – A Fun, Relaxing Way to Treat Back Pain

If you’re skeptical about a back pain treatment being both relaxing and fun, we aren’t surprised. Generally, back pain treatment is anything but fun. Traditional treatments include medications, steroid injections and even painful surgeries.

image suggestive of massage therapy

But there is one surprisingly easy way to treat back pain that will leave you eagerly awaiting your next treatment. This common therapy has received little recognition—until now.

In July of 2011, the Annals of Internal Medicine reported on a study that tracked 401 people with chronic back pain. The participants randomly received one of three types of therapies; traditional treatment; including physical therapy and medication, deep tissue massage, or relaxation massage (also known as Swedish massage).

Ten weeks after the start of the study, 66% of the participants who received massage therapy stated their back pain had improved significantly or had disappeared. The group who received physical therapy and massage didn’t fare as well. Only 33% of this group saw improvement.

If you’re not a fan of deep tissue massage, don’t worry, you can still enjoy Swedish Massage, a gentle, relaxing massage and receive pain relief. According to the study, both massage therapy groups received equal benefit. And for many of the massage patients, their back pain relief lasted for at least six months.

Researchers aren’t sure why therapeutic massage is such a great way to treat back pain. Most likely it’s because massage therapy works not only with the muscles, ligments and tendons but also with the joints, skin and fascia. During the process, natural pain killers (endorphins) are released.

It is also known that massage therapy:

  • increases circulation
  • improves flexibility
  • lowers blood pressure
  • stimulates the immune system
  • stimulates lymphatic flow
  • reduces cramping and spasms
  • reduces stress

Since an estimated eighty to ninety percent of disease is linked to stress, stress reduction can provide far reaching benefits.

If you decide you’d like to try massage therapy for yourself, we recommend you select a licensed massage therapist. In order to perform their jobs well, massage therapists must have an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Licensing also ensures that the therapist conforms to basic ethical and professional standards. At least thirty three states now regulate massage therapist for the protection of the public.

Our Garland chiropractic clinic’s massage therapist are licensed and experienced in numerous massage techniques including pregnancy massage, deep tissue, trigger point and Swedish massage. Massage sessions are performed in the comfort of a professional medical setting.

As an integrated medical clinic with a MD, Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner on staff, we make it simple to receive the treatment you need. We specialize in joint and back pain, and offer a wide range of traditional, complementary and alternative treatments, including physical therapy, nutritional medicine, laser therapy and even simple injections to relieve pain and inflammation.

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