What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Just as everyone has a unique fingerprint, retina pattern, and voice pattern, we each have unique physiological responses as well. Nutritional Response Testing taps into these responses to evaluate your body’s current state of health. If we find deficiencies or problems that may be keeping you from feeling your best, we can offer specific nutritional recommendations that will help the body repair itself.

How does nutrition response testing work?

Nutrition Response Testing is very precise and scientific. The process begins with the testing and analysis of reflex points on the surface of the body. These reflex points correlate to specific organs and bodily functions and show the effect that energy, or the lack of energy, is having on the body. As a result the test can provide a surprisingly accurate assessment of a a person’s overall state of health and energy flow.

Let’s use a familiar analogy to demonstrate how Nutrition Response Testing is performed.

Frequently doctors use an electrocardiograph (EKG) machine to evaluate the function of a patient’s heart. Here is what happens during the electrocardiograph procedure:

people with nutritious life

Electrical energy from the heart runs over the wires of the EKG machine. This electrical energy is recorded by the machine as a graph or chart. A doctor is then able to study this graph and tell the patient what it means.

This is like the way Nutrition Response Testing works. However, instead of connecting electrodes to the reflex areas being tested, our Garland chiropractor contacts these areas with his hand. With the other hand, he will test the muscle of your extended arm. If the reflex being contacted is “active” the nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm, and the patient’s arm will weaken and drop. This drop signifies underlying stress or dysfunction, which can be affecting a person’s health.

Bases upon these “active” reflexes, we can make specific nutritional recommendations to help our patients improve their health and vitality.

Years of clinical experience have taught us that a personalized nutritional health program can be one of the safest and most effective ways to correct underlying imbalances within the body. Our nutrition programs are affordable, effective and practical and use the highest quality whole food supplements to bolster your daily diet.

A highly personalized program

The program is customized specifically for you based upon the Nutrition Response Testing results.

The customized testing allows us to fine tune your program to determine the exact supplements your body needs. That means you won’t walk out of our office with a shopping bag full of vitamins. Instead many of our patients find they will only need three or four supplements during the treatment phase. Later, once you’ve reached your desired goals, you may only need a well balanced vitamin and mineral complex to support your new levels of health. All you need to do is follow our recommendations as closely as possible and you’ll be well on your way a happier, healthier life.

It’s that simple!

If you find yourself suffering from a lack of energy or have a host of troubling symptoms, let us help you improve your health through targeted nutrition. Give our Garland chiropractors a call today to talk with a knowledgeable healthcare professional or to schedule a consultation.

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